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Max Roemer is a sculptor and painter known for his play with found materials and natural objects. He lives in Encinitas, CA, where his basic daily habits of cooking, surfing, gardening, reading and making art let things become what he imagines them to be: trees turned to figures and animals, portraits and icons from sawdust and sand. 


His work is short in place and long in time: hyper-local and foraging yards, fields and beaches within a quarter mile; and invoking art history and traditions of scholars and recluses. He grew up in Bavaria, in a landscape dotted with baroque onion domes, studied Philosophy and Economics in Heidelberg, London and Cologne, and now has laid roots by the onion domes of Swamis. 


Metamorphoses, UCSD Craft Center, 2021

The Art of Assemblage, B Free Studio, 2021

I Like Birds and Birds Like Me, Encinitas Community Center, 2019


Maximilian A. Roma:  Uber Ludwig, Uber Elvis, Uber Alles

Max Komertsial:  The Things With No Names Series

Max Roemer:  36 Paintings of Poems by the Sea


B Free Studio 
7857 Girard Ave, La Jolla CA, 92024

Phone: (619) 510-7204

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